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Affiliate Marketing Forum Discussions concerning affiliate programs, affiliate marketing tips and techniques, and ways to increase earnings through referral programs. This forum is NOT for promoting your own affiliate program or referral link.

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Old 06-24-2016, 09:29 PM
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What Is Affiliate Marketing - Newbie Addition

Do you keep hearing this term online "Affiliate Marketing" and are new to the web thing? Thousands of people online make a living from affiliate marketing and they did not do this over night, in a week, in a month or even in a few months.

Making good money from affiliate marketing is something that just takes time, a lot of donuts + coffee and lot's of luck. Experimenting is one thing that you will eventually learn. What may work for someone else, may not work for you because your audience is a little different from theirs. Get to know your audience and don't force feed them to buy through your affiliate link. Focus on quality content with the affiliate links in the content. Never tell someone to buy this program through my special link. That method doesn't work these days, people are much smarter online. Brand yourself online as an expert in your niche and people will trust you and be willing to click on your links and will try that product because they trust you that you won't feed them stuff that doesn't work or scam them for every penny they have.

Look Out For Tricks in $$$$ eBooks

Be careful about all these paid eBooks online talking about how to making a living from affiliate marketing. Usually in that book is basic information you can find by searching Google or asking on a forum. Also in those eBook's the creator has hidden a lot of affiliate links in there. So when they recommend you to join a certain web hosting affiliate program (example) to earn high commission's, you just joined through there affiliate link and now they get a little percentage commission each time you make a commission from that web host. The more eBooks that they sell, the more money that eBook owner makes for dishing out information you can get for free. In fact, this eBook is free. http://www.buymystupidebook.com/

Don't get fooled online about people telling you all there secrets are packed in an eBook, that eBook makes them money when people buy it and more money over time as more and more people join the programs suggested in it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

There are companies online that have several products or just 1 product that reeks of awesomeness and in addition to them promoting there product all over the place, they set up a program in which anyone can join this program and earn a certain % of the products total price through a special URL.

By a company setting up an affiliate program, they are getting free advertising to there business because a lot of people will signup for it and promote there special URL's online. Each affiliate program has thresholds to reach in order to get paid all commissions. Some affiliate programs you get paid weekly or even same day. This is why before you join an affiliate program, you read all there rules so there is no hidden surprises.

FYI: Affiliate program mangers can ban you for violating there rules for promoting there product or business so find and read the fine print.


V7N has an affiliate program attached to there web directory. They even state that you will earn $25 commission for each person you convert into a paying customer. ----> http://partners.v7n.com/

FYI, I belong to this one and got paid for my commission.

Below is an example of a special URL that any affiliate program will give you to use when you promote that one product/business anywhere online. This is key to making a profit if someone buy's through your link.

Consider cloaking your affiliate link. Search Google for more articles on this method.

As you can see in the image above, if I use that URL in an epic review of the directory on my blog, I will earn money off people getting an approved listing. If the listing get's rejected by the directory staff, I might not get that commission. (I think that's still the rules)

Whoever clicks on your affiliate link, they need to buy that product and if they don't like a particular product they could get a refund if the website provides this. If that happens you loose your commission. Money in your dashboard might not always be guaranteed money. Promote quality products that you can vouch for and put your reputation on the line for.

Important Tip

Best way to make money from affiliate marketing is to only join programs that you have actually used their product(s) either in the past or currently using. This way it is easy to write a detailed review with pros & cons of the product and other inside information a non client wouldn't know. I would actually invest money and buy a product before deciding if I wanted to market online or not. To me, it's worth the investment to get first hand knowledge of the product to see if I want to vouch for it. You'd be able to get more sales this way as you have first hand knowledge of the product and won't lie to your audience about it. Remember, you are convincing someone that this product is just what they was looking for.

Telling the truth about products can make you a commission. I know this for a fact because it's happened to me on a blog I sold years ago. I wrote a negative review of a web host. lol

If you do get your blog ranked well, you can still earn commissions from old blog posts floating around in the search engines.

How To Find Affiliate Programs To Join?

Just use Google as it's easy to find programs. Hint, any website you visit, check in there footer or top navigation bar for an "Affiliate" link or a "partner" link cause most times it's the page to join there affiliate program.

Google Search Tip:

Example: web hosting affiliate program <------ Remember to add "affiliate program to the end of the keyword. Try this into Google and see all the results, that was easy now wasn't it? Try this for any niche products you want to see if have affiliate programs.

Any further questions that you may have, please start a new thread if there is not a similar thread already going on.



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