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Old 03-18-2016, 06:50 PM
yashrudroju yashrudroju is offline
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Which is best in both of those



Old 03-21-2016, 03:33 PM
Jengaldnik Jengaldnik is offline
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It depends what you want to do. Freelancer work is mainly responsible for helping other people grow their blogs but a blogger is responsible for their own brand and building their own content and design
Old 03-22-2016, 06:05 AM
Chester Carlson Chester Carlson is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 03-21-16
Location: Ukraine
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If you don't want to work for somebody - you can try blogging. But freelance is more reliable way to earn some money.
Old 03-22-2016, 10:35 PM
Robert7s's Avatar
Robert7s Robert7s is offline
Junior Member
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It depend what are you good at
Old 03-23-2016, 02:18 AM
saleforcedev's Avatar
saleforcedev saleforcedev is offline
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To work as a freelancer is a right option to start your career. As a freelancer, you are working under different companies or individuals, so it a great way to develop your skills and gain experience. While gaining experience, you are also earning money for your efforts. There are fixed payouts for fixed amount of work. Freelancing is good for starting and may not prove beneficial for long term basis.

Whereas, blogging is dependent on all your skills developed while working as a freelancer or as an employee in a company. As a blogger you are self employed and you have to take decisions on your own. There are lots of factors on which, your success as a blogger depends. As a blogger you may choose your own work timings. But, there are no fix earnings and it depends purely on quality of your work.
So Blogging may be a better option, if you are looking for long term work and want to prove your skills. But, if you are about to start your career then you must work as a freelancer.

Last edited by saleforcedev; 03-23-2016 at 02:26 AM.
Old 05-14-2016, 09:18 AM
domainlove domainlove is offline
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always blogging
Old 05-14-2016, 02:48 PM
snakeair snakeair is offline
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Originally Posted by domainlove View Post
always blogging
Please explain why. Backing up your 2 word response can go a long ways on this forum.
Old 05-14-2016, 09:50 PM
Mursaleen0 Mursaleen0 is offline
Contributing Member
Join Date: 05-14-16
Location: Pakistan
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I prefer to blogging because in blogging we are our own boss and once when we start make money from it blog will be on path. Free lancing is also good but its better to start blog because free lancing is the work which never ends but in blog if we just write one post per day so its enough.
Old 05-14-2016, 10:36 PM
domainlove domainlove is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 05-13-16
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Originally Posted by snakeair View Post
Please explain why. Backing up your 2 word response can go a long ways on this forum.
although freelancing hones up your skills and is profitable. At some point or other you are always interdependant you cannot satify every customer you meet.

Whereas in blogging you are your own master you dont have to be dependant on anyone.
once established you gain followers.Instead of just using your skills to satisfy a single customer , in blogging you can teach your skills to a larger audience which gives a lot of satisfaction.

hope it helps.
Old 05-15-2016, 02:17 AM
aqibnazir aqibnazir is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 04-29-16
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If you have a specific skill that you think is hot in the freelance market and can get you good money, go for freelancing. If you have the patience to wait for money while you work hard, blogging is a good career. Blogging requires a lot patience, determination and persistence.
Old 05-15-2016, 06:00 AM
topmethod851 topmethod851 is offline
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if you can do some work you can do freelanceing. how ever you have great ideas,you can blogging
Old 05-16-2016, 07:08 PM
Foodella Foodella is offline
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Join Date: 05-16-16
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I think a combination of the two... Blogging may be more rewarding in the end but it takes time. You need to become familiar with what people want and then find a niche to blog about, until that point free lancing is an easy way to build revenue quickly and will give you experience writing online, experience you can then use to create your own blog.
Old 05-21-2016, 12:02 PM
mrvalueinvestor's Avatar
mrvalueinvestor mrvalueinvestor is offline
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Location: wisconsin
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I think they go good together. Blogs can get you loads of quality traffic
if you have good keywords and post often on your blogs. Which means
you can get signups and sales. If you into network marketing like i am,
you can offer freelance as a service to your team for a job well done.
Old 05-21-2016, 06:27 PM
DNN DNN is offline
Contributing Member
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Blogging is a form of freelancing because it doesn't pay you a steady salary. You earn commissions from ads on your site when either someone clicks on a display ad or click the ad and makes a physical purchase. Blogging is not a day job and it's not something that you have to punch in a day job clock and sit at a desk & cubicle for eight hours.

The only time you sit there working is when you're creating content for the blog in hopes of making money from the ads. So in overall it is a form of freelancing because nothing is guaranteed. Are you getting what I'm saying now?
Old 05-23-2016, 10:02 AM
mishoppe888's Avatar
mishoppe888 mishoppe888 is offline
Contributing Member
Join Date: 05-23-16
Location: Surat
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I think blogging is still successful compare to the freelancing, Freelancing is place where you have to find your way in other terms you have to depend on others and you will earn money as per your client requirement, where in blogging your success depend upon you. so choice is yours at a same time I prefer put your few hours on blogging and some hours on freelancing and balance them...
Old 05-24-2016, 06:40 AM
Brucode Brucode is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 02-26-16
Posts: 12
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we can say both are a business to make money but according to me, blogging is good because it creates a hundred opportunities to teach us something new daily and improve our skills. it is the general thing in the human nature that we do anything for others to get back something from them sides that time we only thinking about money, nobody cares to learn new because of reporting at the end of the week as per their commitment. So I think blogging is best to polish our self.
Old 06-13-2016, 08:35 PM
PestControlGuru PestControlGuru is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: 06-06-16
Location: Gold Coast
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With Freelancing you would never have your own website or blog, so no bright future ahead!
but if you do your own blogging in the right way, this can be eventually your future business
Old 06-13-2016, 11:46 PM
Jay02's Avatar
Jay02 Jay02 is offline
Contributing Member
Join Date: 06-02-16
Location: Philippines
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Personally, I made good money freelancing from top platforms. But I believe blogging can be an investment once you are an authority in your niche, but it just takes time and lots of patience.
Old 06-14-2016, 05:44 AM
Rupee Banyan Rupee Banyan is offline
Contributing Member
Join Date: 06-13-16
Location: London
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We started our online careers by Freelancing. If you can even navigate your way around a computer, there is a way for you to make money. Data entry, emails, spreadsheets, you name it.

The best part is that there are plenty of jobs so you can start earning right away. Blogging is a much longer play - don't expect money or success overnight, or overyear!
Old 06-14-2016, 07:08 AM
eagleyedguide eagleyedguide is offline
Contributing Member
Join Date: 01-15-16
Location: India
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Blogging and freelancing have their own pros and cons. Unlike freelancing blogging does not generate income in the short run. As a freelancer, you can start earning money instantly. I have been freelancing for past five years and I personally find it a good mean of making a living.

However, if you want to plan something for your future, blogging is the best option. although blogging does not generate income in the short run, however, you can depend on a blog for long term income if you know your job.

A large number of people are increasingly using a blog to promote their freelancing service and helping people out to build their own business online. In summary, if you are new to the field of blogging it is always a better idea to first sell your expertise on online freelancing platforms and create enough financial backup to support your blog so that you can reap the benefits later.
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