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Old 07-11-2010, 04:13 AM
moonswamp moonswamp is offline
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Review: china-printing.org

Really need your help to review my site:


Maybe the design is not your taste

I received an email from other country said that the format of my site is screwed up, but i'v tested with IE6, IE7, firfox, and it looks OK, so would you please do me a favor, post your report here, how about it in your browser and which browser do you use??? which browser is most popular in your country????
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Old 07-11-2010, 04:44 AM
engwalid engwalid is offline
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It looks OK with Safari 5.0 .
I like the design and colors.

Check out:

The image below not found:
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Old 07-12-2010, 09:31 AM
greenman greenman is offline
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On the Customer Help page there is some text formatting that needs fixing - some spacing issues next to the numbers. Also I would add a horizontal bar under #3 as it looks like you can't count 1,2,3,1.

On the same page I would put some anchors for your help topics for quick jumps.

Contact page - get rid of the mailto: and add a php script for mail with a captcha for spam proofing. It's more professional and accessible to anybody on the internet.

Left menu headings have some weird jumpy action as you roll over the links. The rollover cuts off the bottom of your menu image.

I would fix the alignment of your search div and the why choose us link. It seems shoved over to the right.

Nice coloring and well displayed.
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Old 07-14-2010, 01:50 AM
Quotes Papa's Avatar
Quotes Papa Quotes Papa is offline
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Hello there!

Shenzhen you say, not too far away from my location

Left menu headings have some weird jumpy action as you roll over the links
That was the first thing I noticed, a bit annoying, I'd get rid of such functions.

You use quote a bunch of different fonts it seems. Some of them look good, but others don't:

"Best Print Results..." That font gives me a headache
Also the Contact font feels a bit stretched or something

The loading time for your pictures are quite long. I think you could lower the resolution a bit and save for web to solve that in general

Then the search function didn't seem to help much. I searched for "Magazine" and Book", and only result was some chinese message, then came back to front page. I'd suggest only use a search function if it works.

Otherwise in general you have a good looking site and it should be sufficient for business purpose.

You may not get much traffic from the search engines as you don't have much text content around the keywords, but for presenting for some customer should be very much ok.

Quotes Papa
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Old 07-14-2010, 10:29 AM
dreamingSpider's Avatar
dreamingSpider dreamingSpider is offline
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Location: Italy
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Hello moonswamp, the site looks good with Safari 5.0/Firefox 3.0.19 on Mac.

The main block of text:
"Printing in China; Our factory" -> "Printing in China. Our factory"
"million RMB, the factory was founded" -> "million RMB. It was founded"
"best service , with the" -> "best service, with the"
"and technology , the business" -> "and technology, the business"
"before printing ,professional printing" -> "before printing, professional printing"
"mock-up cards, etc., We’ve becoming" -> "mock-up cards, etc. We’ve becoming"
WARNING: I'm no english speaking, perhaps the correct form is "We're becoming", but I'm not sure. ;-)
"Printing in China | Book Printing | Box Printing | Bages Printing | Magazine Print": all these links point to the top of the page, I don't find them so useful.
Same issue for the blue box contacts links in the lower right corner.

I would use only two colours for the text, definitely not the yellow text on light background, difficult to read. I tried to click on the underlined texts (Equipment etc.), look like links but they aren't. For example, the same kind of text (bold underlined) in the page http://www.china-printing.org/Packag...oxes-Printing/ is actually a link.

Since you "prefer PDF", you could give more info about the parameters to be used when the customer produce the files.

"How long and how much does it take to ship from China to the US?". It looks like you're not taking into account the EU market. As a matter of fact, a big publisher I worked with in Milano (Italy) used to print books in Hong Kong, then they shipped them with "ocean freight", as you note in the first line of this page. And the fact that you are not giving prices in Euros increase this feeling.

Mixed fonts and colours, mixed text alignment, mixed photographs alignment, lists without bullets.

Same problem as above with underlined text.
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Old 07-15-2010, 07:25 AM
moonswamp moonswamp is offline
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Join Date: 07-25-07
Posts: 44
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thanks for all your help ,I'v done and doing works on this site

the browser's issues OK, now I'm working on the loading time and SEO ~~~
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