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Writing For The Web Need help with SEO copywriting, marketing copy, or just need ideas for writing creative articles or effective ads? Let's work together to learn more about writing for the web!

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Old 03-13-2011, 08:07 PM
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The 5 Elements of Authoritative Content

Here is a guest blog post on the problogger blog that is a good read. Please read it before you respond.

Authority, in case you’ve forgotten, still rules!

ProBlogger is still relevant because of its authoritative content. If you’ve ever read an article on ProBlogger about a concept that is not relatively new, there’s an unusual approach the writer adopts that makes you wonder if you’re just learning about that very concept for the first time.

The same thing applies to mainstream blogs like ChrisBrogan, SethGodin, ZenHabits, LateralAction, and so on. You just can’t get enough of their content. Why? Because they’re authoritative!

Before you say what’s on your mind, let me help you out. These blogs are not authoritative because they have hit the mainstream, no. They are authoritative because they have certain attributes that makes their content authoritative.
Continued at: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2...ative-content/

Which one is the most important to you and why? I know all of them are important but not all of us can follow all 5 right from the get go. Some of us are still learning as we go and from trial and error. Feel free to post your thoughts about this blog post.
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Old 03-15-2011, 10:48 AM
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I think the biggest violations I witness on a daily basis relate to 1 and 3. 1 is in the way I see so much scraping and copy and paste going on to game the Google ranking system that it’s not even funny, and until the recent Farmer update, it was quite old. Why so many people would think the method was sustainable with the way Google normally tends to shore up hole is beyond me. So much of the same regurgitated crap, copy and pasted as many places as people could stuff it, and then they want to whine now because of the algo change. If they’d have done things the right way to begin with, there’d be no reason to cry now.

Number 3 relates to the laziness for quick gain with all these 500 or less word articles all over the place, again written with the sole intention of gaming the system. I completely agree with the author in the fact that a topic requires a certain depth so people can get things done. With the crazed madness of niche, people have taken it to extremes when it comes to what they write, fine focusing so much into one part of a process making it impossible to be successful with the process unless a reader goes someplace else to fill in the gaps.

What most fail understanding is that those 500 or less word articles you plastered all over the place trying to game the system, anyone reading them isn’t going to think that’s what you were doing, they’re going to look at it as a direct reflection of YOUR abilities. God forbid it’s anyone with a clue about what you’re writing about because if they have one, they’ll see the huge gaping holes in what you provided and likely never bother coming to your site to begin with. However, most don’t think of that.

What I find funny is some of the threads here in our very own forums talking about the difference between writing for backlinks and posts. Funny how none of them seems to realize the amount they shoot themselves in the foot by differentiating. Sad how they fail to realize how stupid it makes them look when they leave huge gaping holes in their content, or fine focus it to the point that nobody can do anything with it immediately because they have to run around gathering more information before they can use those 500 or less words to begin with. You’d call that a good user experience? I wouldn’t, and most others won’t either.

There are just some topics that you’re not going to get someone to fully understand and help them do something with 500 words or less, yet people still choose to try doing so. Maybe one-day people will wake up. I at least can say that regardless of what I’ve got out there all over the net, nothing was written without making sure someone reading it could go immediately after reading it and actually do something with it.

For all of you still wishing to think that people don’t read more than 500 words, or whatever, think again. It’s all a part of conditioning the reader, and as the reader sees that yeah, your article might be a bit long, they soon learn that they can actually do something with what you wrote, and they’ll be more than willing to read what you’ve written no matter how long it is. They’ll continue to do so until the day that you start adding fluff to waste their time, there is a balance, and finding it is the key, but never write anything that doesn’t fully answer the question or help the reader do what they’re trying to do. You’ll only shoot yourself in the foot for doing so, and your reader will not quickly forgive you for doing it either.
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Old 05-08-2011, 07:46 PM
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What makes someone an authority? If they know what they're talking about. My ESL site is an authority site. My health site? A decent place to go for links to good articles but certainly not an authority site. Probably because I am a professional language teacher but an amateur exercise enthusiast.

the right content for the right audience
Most writers, not to mention bloggers, don't stop to think about who they are writing for or why they are writing. Maybe they think I'm writing to make money so I'm going to make sure 3% of my words are "******". Of course if they stopped to think 'I'm writing an article to help people with ED' they would then realize that they know nothing about it and can't write a good article anyway.

In short, the problem is most people don't consider audience and (online) most people writing have no expertise to offer anyway.

If I had a dollar for every blogger who knew less than me...
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