LifterLMS Coupons & Discount Codes for August 2022

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Lifterlms Coupon Code

LifterLMS Coupon

Numerous individuals now offer both paid and free online courses. These courses can generate significant revenue in a short period. Additionally, you can easily create these courses. However, a stable platform is required to accomplish this. LifterLMS is a high-quality course creation solution.

Welcome to our LifterLMS coupon page. Get promo codes, discount codes, and cashback offers for the WP learning management plugin.

Review of LifterLMS

We frequently believe that developing online courses is challenging. A lesson’s creation may take several hours. Following that, we must publish these lessons and assess student achievement. Several other critical responsibilities are also included. All of these actions may be accomplished quickly and effectively using LifterLMS. This great solution can create a wide variety of paid and free courses. These multimedia-based courses will generate significant money immediately once they are introduced. So here comes the LifterLMS review. Get the WP learning management plugin using our LifterLMS discount. With the given coupon codes & discounts for the WP learning management plugin, save on the deal.

Incredible Course Builder

A drag-and-drop course builder is one of LifterLMS’s greatest features. You may be familiar with different course builders. The majority of these include many screens for course creation. You must navigate through multiple windows to create a single course. However, this solution offers a structured location for doing so. This single screen contains all relevant information. As a result, your assignment will be completed quickly.

Additionally, its drag-and-drop functionality is critical. You only need to drag & drop some things onto this single screen. After that, it will quickly generate the required course. Numerous lessons may be included in an online course. There is no reason why learners should be required to take all of these lessons. Alternatively, you may employ a precondition system. After finishing the previous lesson, the learner will access the subsequent ones.


Various Add-Ons

As previously stated, the LifterLMS licenses must be accessed via several add-ons. Now, let’s have a look at these optional components. It enables the creation of secret zones on a website. These places will facilitate private communication with pupils. As a result, you will be capable of engaging them more effectively. Occasionally, it may be required to create advanced quizzes. In certain instances, an add-on to this solution is beneficial. This WordPress LMS plugin is capable of creating tests and grading them. It can evaluate all types of short answers and descriptive responses. Likewise, the software’s Assignment module is a fantastic addition. You’ll be able to assign examinations to pupils easily and assess their achievements.

LifterLMS Discount & Pricing

LifterLMS is available under three different licenses. The Startup License’s pricing is determined by the amount of add-ons incorporated. Its price begins at just 99 USD. You will be limited to using it on a single live website. The Professional License is more cost-efficient than this license. Only USD 299 per year is required to obtain it. You can use it on up to five active websites. Four fantastic add-ons are included in this section. Similarly, the LifterLMS Elite Bundle is available for only USD 999 per year. It is compatible with an unlimited number of websites. So if you want to purchase the WP learning management plugin, check our LifterLMS coupon here.

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