PhraseExpress Discounts and Coupon Codes for August 2022

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Standard License – 1-year maintenance

Standard License – 3 years of maintenance

Standard License – 5 years of maintenance

Pro License – 1-year maintenance

Pro License – 3 years of maintenance

Pro License – 5 years of maintenance

Enterprise License – 1 year of maintenance

Enterprise License – 3 years of maintenance

Enterprise License – 5 years of maintenance

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Phraseexpress Coupon

PhraseExpress Discount

There is no reason to type the exact sentence repeatedly. PhraseExpress is a strong text expander that completes words automatically. It is built based on text templates. These text themes can be used in any program to finish your assignment.

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Features of PhraseExpress

Nowadays, all professions must produce emails, reports, and other types of text-based products. They accomplish this by continually entering the same text. This results in significant time being wasted writing the same item. This can be resolved by using a text expander application. This software program can complete a sentence automatically in response to the user’s behavior. Whenever you begin typing, this software will recommend the complete phrase. As a result, no need to manually type that phrase. Among the numerous text expanders available, PhraseExpress is a particularly effective one. This software includes a plethora of useful features. Take advantage of the text expander using our discount. Grab the PhraseExpress coupon here.


A One-Stop-Shop

PhraseExpress is a general-purpose tool. Rather than that, this app is platform-independent. For instance, it is a text editor-agnostic. Individuals visit a wide range of websites and social media platforms consistently. They type a variety of items in this location. Cross-browser compatibility is ensured with this solution. That is, it is compatible with any website or social media platform. There is no need to purchase another database and application auto-completion tool once you have purchased this one. PhraseExpress is an excellent tool for categorizing text excerpts. Each one of these categories can be accessed instantaneously.

Team Collaboration

When used collectively, PhraseExpress is quite effective. At times, we work in a team connected via a server. You may be required to communicate with team members in some instances. The use of various phrases can accomplish this. This app enables you to exchange phrases effortlessly. It accomplishes this by facilitating a variety of server/client architectures. Additionally, this software allows for the hosting of phrase libraries on Microsoft SQL Server. Similarly, cloud synchronization enables more efficient phrase sharing. Additionally, PhraseExpress is a beautiful tool for maintaining one’s privacy. You don’t need to communicate every phrase with your teammates. Rather than that, this will allow you to personalize a few products.

Text Expander Software

PhraseExpress Coupon & Pricing

While the features of PhraseExpress are pretty remarkable, the pricing is relatively cheap. You must select the proper license. It is offered as a Standard Edition for $49.95, covering one year of maintenance. Each license has a volume offer program. For example, the unit price is reduced to $47.95. Save on the deal with the discount and coupon codes for PhraseExpress. Assume you purchase between five and twenty-four Standard Edition copies. Professional License is available for just USD 139.95. This license adds several new features. It can automatically collect, copy, and paste objects from the clipboard. A PhraseExpress Enterprise License costs only USD 219.00.

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