SiteGuarding Coupons & Discount Codes for August 2022

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Siteguarding Coupon

SiteGuarding Coupon

Finding a protection system for PCs and mobile phones is not difficult. However, determining an appropriate security solution for sites is not that straightforward. SiteGuarding is a leading provider of corporate and other site security solutions.

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Review of SiteGuarding

There are numerous varieties of websites. Different websites may require varying levels of protection. For instance, WordPress websites require a particular solution to safeguard them. It will help to safeguard against malware, hackers, and other assaults. By contrast, Joomla sites need a separate type of software. Similarly, personal and corporate websites require distinct methods to defend against threats. SiteGuarding includes several different website security tools. Each one of these tools is effective and reasonably priced. So here comes the SiteGuarding review. Get the professional security tool using our SiteGuarding discount. With the given coupon codes & discounts for the professional security tool, save on the deal.

Securing Corporate Facilities

SiteGuarding Corporate Security Solution is highly beneficial for any professional website. This solution can safeguard a website from a wide variety of threats and hackers. It will safeguard visitor data, online files, and customer information. This protection solution is capable of analyzing hundreds of files. Occasionally, website owners must scan each file change.

This solution is perfectly capable of doing so. It is capable of performing server-side scanning with simplicity. Another significant feature of this software is its capability for unlimited pages. This means you can use this incredible software to safeguard a limitless number of pages. Similarly, it can be used to remove Norton, Google, and other platforms off blacklists.


Joomla Security

SiteGuarding’s Joomla Protection solution is another outstanding offering. Generally, Joomla users have difficulty locating a reputable tool for website protection. This software includes a robust malware detection feature for Joomla sites. Additionally, it features several other minor utilities. For instance, your website will be protected by blacklist monitoring and a Joomla Antivirus system. It has been made more user-friendly by adding a daily reporting system.

Joomla Protection includes an automatic scan feature. As a result, you won’t have to waste valuable time manually scanning your Joomla site. The software includes comprehensive antivirus and firewall protection. It is necessary to thwart any virus or malware assault on the site. As a result, users would be able to protect their websites from viral attacks.

SiteGuarding Discount & Pricing

Almost every SiteGuarding product has several licenses. For instance, Corporate Website Security is available in two different licenses. Its Standard License costs EUR 2.69 per month per site. It is capable of thwarting hacking attempts & virus infection. However, this equipment is incapable of stopping DDoS attacks. It is capable of analyzing up to 25 thousand pages.

Similarly, its Premium License is available for EUR 5.39 per month per site. It assists the DDoS attack protection facility. Additionally, this license allows you to secure up to 100,000 files. Similarly, SiteGuarding Joomla Protection is only EUR 9.95 per month. This product is available for a year. In that instance, a reasonable fee should be paid. So if you want to purchase the PRODUCTTYPE, check our SiteGuarding coupon here.

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